2017 Annual Update

Interventions that change lives

I recently met renowned orthopedic surgeon Dr. Andrew Howard from at Sick Kids Hospital in Toronto, Ontario, Canada. He was speaking to a group of pediatricians at Shriner’s hospital in Spokane. One of the subjects he touched on was global health. What struck me was his emphasis on the importance of working in partnership with local physicians. Reliance on local resources is essential for projects to truly have a lasting impact. This really struck home with me, as we have always been committed to this ideal at Mali Medical Relief. I continue to be astounded by the amazing work we can do with so little. I hope you, our critical supporters are too. We are unique in how we rely exclusively on local expertise to run our organization. This means we help not only individual patients, but also the healthcare system by creating increased demand for technically advanced medical and surgical care. Our physicians can treat increasingly complex cases because we provide the support and resources to make them possible. When we first began nearly 10 years ago, I would never have imagined we would be helping patients with complex surgical needs. I am so proud of the work our team does, and incredibly humbled by the support provided by you, our donors.

This year several interventions stand out in my mind. First is a story of amazing perseverance. 12-year-old Kadiatou* is homeless after both her parents died. She was struck by a car this November and survived the impact. However, it left her with a broken right hip and ankle. Mali Medical Relief jumped in to help right away. Her hip and ankle have been repaired, and she is well on her way to full rehabilitation. The team is also working on helping to stabilize her home situation; truly taking care of the whole patient.

During our last site visit, representatives from the trauma unit were dismayed at how many amputations in pediatric patients they were seeing due to delayed treatment of compound fractures (open bone breaks). They pinpointed the source of the problem, a lack of available external fixation devices. We purchased two additional external fixation devices for the trauma unit to assist with limb sparing surgeries. These timely interventions are critical to prevent amputations and complications from infection.

Finally, we are reaching out to our NGO and government partners who care for pediatric cancer patients. These partners provide the standard chemotherapy for the disease. We were asked to help facilitate diagnostic and adjuvant treatment interventions. As I write, we have just accepted a new patient with neuroblastoma (6 yo boy) who needs additional diagnostic evaluation. These specialized interventions can substantially decrease morbidity and mortality related to pediatric leukemia and tumors.

Your support is essential to the work we do. Every dollar goes to directly fund patient care. Please consider donating to help sustain our ongoing activities. It truly means the world to us at Mali Medical Relief to be able to give hope to families in time of crisis. I welcome questions, suggestions, and ideas from everyone as we look to continue to grow and improve our operations.

With deep gratitude for your ongoing support,

Breanna Barger-Kamate

Mali Medical Relief Fund 501©3. 316 W Central, Missoula, MT 59801. Pictures are by patient consent only. Names changed to protect privacy.

Founder and Board Chair

Ethel MacDonald Treasurer, Kendra Wiggins MD, Mark Travassos MD, Mamadou Sylla MD, Paul Kamate MD, Hamidou Diallo MD, Morgan Halvorson, Tom Barger web development.

A new Look for Mali Medical Relief

Mali Medical Relief is beginning a new presence on the web by converting its site to Word Press.  We would like to invite all of our friends to make our presence known by liking and/or sharing our site.

We also want to remind everyone  of an Amazon campaign. If you shop with Amazon.com they will donate 0.5% of every purchase you make to Mali Medical Relief. Just select us as your charity of interest. It’s absolutely no cost to you!

Thank you for considering us in your charitable giving and happy spring!

Happy New Year!


Friends of Mali Medical Relief,  

I wanted to take the opportunity to extend my gratitude for your support of Mali Medical Relief Fund. This year has been truly remarkable, with us making expansions and continuing our great work throughout Mali.  There have been major social, political, and public health upheavals in the last 12 months, but we are still carrying on with our work. Thank you to our fantastic teams led by Drs. Sylla and Diallo at Gabriel Toure in Bamako, and the MMRF board led by Pierre Dabo in Dioila.

This year we have helped 69 patients in Dioila with major hospitalizations, surgeries, and cases of malaria and pneumonia, malnutrition, and meningitis.

At Gabriel Toure we have helped 57 inpatients with very complex diagnoses and problems. In particular we have funded surgery for colostomy, chemotherapy for acute leukemia, therapy for multiple patients with acute renal failure, cases of HIV and tuberculosis, and many more with cerebral malaria and pneumonia. I have attached the Bamako site review so you can see a complete list of cases and details.

The Ebola epidemic highlighted the need for increasing the number of skilled practitioners in West Africa. Our team is committed to funding a residency slot and has selected a candidate. Best of Luck to Dr. Diallo, as he prepares for his entrance exams. We are cheering for you!
We are so grateful for your continuing support. Please consider us in your annual giving. We accept online donations at our websitewww.malimedicalrelief.org and by snail Mail:

Attn: Ethel MacDonald Treasurer
Mali Medical Relief Fund
316 W Central
Missoula, MT 59801

100% of every donation goes directly towards pursuing our mission of improving access to health care for families in crisis. We remain committed to being a ZERO overhead organization.

Have a wonderful years end and start to the new year,

Breanna Barger-Kamate

MMRF Board Chair


Expenses for 2014 are listed below.

Nombre Date Entrée Service Age Sex Diagnostic Devenir Cout du ttt en FCFA   Nbre de Jour
                Price in Dollars  
75 1/13/14 Pavillon     Gastroenterite ameliore 9710 $19.82 4
76 1/13/14 externe     Dermatose ameliore 3500 $7.14 1
77 1/15/14 Urgence     pleuresie ameliore 18125 $36.99 20
78 1/16/14 Neonat     anoxie perinatale+RI ameliore 28920 $59.02 12
79 1/14/14 Urgence     pneumopathie ameliore 104790 $213.86 64
80 1/16/14 Neonat     infection neonatal precoce ameliore 13130 $26.80 22
81 1/23/14 Urgence     Insuffisance cardiaque DCD 22535 $45.99 28
82 1/15/14 Pavillon     Gastroenterite ameliore 5510 $11.24 16
83 11/9/13 Urgence     Hydrocephalie (meningite) ameliore 74740 $152.53 123
84 2/3/14 Urgence     pneumonie ameliore 38620 $78.82 30
85 12/20/13 chir pediatrique     inmperforation anale ameliore 40855 $83.38 72
86 3/1/14 Urgence     neuropaludisme DCD 1480 $3.02 4
87 3/8/14 Pavillon     LMNH non Ameliore 7000 $14.29 7
88 3/4/14 Pavillon     sd nephrotique ameliore 7005 $14.30 14
89 3/11/14 Neonat     INN ameliore 6575 $13.42 12
90 3/10/14 Urgence     pneumonie DCD 50680 $103.43 50
91 3/28/14 Pavillon     pneumonie ameliore 6310 $12.88 4
92 4/3/14 Urgence     pneumonie ameloire 13070 $26.67 9
93 4/4/14 Neonat     INN ameliore 18680 $38.12 14
94 May-14 Neonat     INN ameliore 17870 $36.47 6
95 5/3/14 Urgence     meningoencephalocele +hydrocephalie DCD 174500 $356.12 55
96 5/6/14 Pavillon     operer pour colostomie DCD 172120 $351.27 93
97 5/11/14 Neonat     Intoxication à la soude ameliore 33240 $67.84 9
98 5/11/14 Neonat     Tetanos ameliore 6985 $14.26 16
99 5/12/14 Urgence     Abces cerebral DCD 29970 $61.16 24
100 5/25/14 Pavillon     meningite ameliore 24885 $50.79 24
101 5/10/14 Pavillon     meningite ameliore 30000 $61.22 21
102 5/25/14 Pavillon     pneumonie ameliore 5135 $10.48 12
103 5/23/14 Pavillon     septicemie ameliore 9875 $20.15 11
104 6/10/14 Pavillon     pleuresie DCD 31360 $64.00 21
105 6/10/14 Neonat     prematurite +risque infectieux ameliore 15915 $32.48 7
106 6/16/14 Pavillon     Diarrhée ameliore 6120 $12.49 1
107 6/13/14 Neonat     prematurite +risque infectieux ameliore 2700 $5.51 5
108 6/12/14 Pavillon     cardiopathie+MAS ameliore 6190 $12.63 7
109 6/17/14 Pavillon     paludisme ameliore 6445 $13.15 2
110 4/16/14 Pavillon     meningite +hydrocephalie ameliore 7750 $15.82 5
111 7/9/14 Pavillon     pneumonie sur retrovirose DCD 43615 $89.01 38
112 7/31/14 Pavillon     Neuropaludisme ameliore 31505 $64.30 29
113 8/12/14 Urgence     pneumonie ameliore 5510 $11.24 14
114 8/12/14 Pavillon     syndrome nephrotique ameliore 14705 $30.01 15
115 8/25/14 Pavillon     Malnutrition ameliore 24050 $49.08 8
116 8/8/14 Urgence     Toxoplasmose cerebrale ameloire 37500 $76.53 26
117 9/8/14 Urgence     pneumonie ameliore 26350 $53.78 5
118 9/16/14 Urgence     pneumonie ameliore 21855 $44.60 4
119 9/24/14 Pavillon     pneumonie sur MAS ameliore 27035 $55.17 10
120 9/25/14 Pavillon     leucemie aigue ameliore 21145 $43.15 17
121 10/21/14 Urgence     corps etrangé pharyngé ameliore 6495 $13.26 3
122 8/25/14 Urgence     tuberculose sur retrovirose amelioré 28400 $57.96 86
123 10/22/14 CHU du PG     tuberculose osseuse amelioré 94750 $193.37 26
124 11/4/14 Pavillon     paludisme amelioré 21910 $44.71 14
125 11/15/14 Pavillon     sd nephrotique en cours 19500 $39.80 en cours
126 11/18/14 Pavillon     sd nephrotique en cours 26300 $53.67 en cours
127 11/26/14 Pavillon     sd nephrotique en cours 19000 $38.78 en cours
128 11/8/14 Urgence     cardiopathie congenitale en cours 13000 $26.53 en cours
129 11/25/14 Pavillon     sd nephrotique en cours 12380 $25.27 en cours
130 12/3/14 Pavillon     sd nephrotique en cours 11135 $22.72 en cours
131 12/8/14 Chir pediatrique     leucemie aigue en cours 35950 $73.37 en cours

Welcome to Mali Medical Relief

Our Mission Is Simple:  We provide direct medical care to needy patients in Mali in the form of hospital bill and pharmacy cost financing and reimbursement. Your funds pay directly for medical care for those in need. All our staff are volunteers. Founded in 2008, our mission is to serve needy families in Mali who find themselves in medical crisis.  Since our founding, we have helped hundreds of patients pay for life saving medical support, by paying for medicines, medical tests, and surgeries.


The Children of Mali

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