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We are a virtually zero-overhead organization.  All money donated to Mali Medical Relief has gone to direct patient care.  Mali Medical Relief Fund is a 501(c)3 and all funds received will go directly to needy patients.  All of your donations are tax deductible.

Our organization is run on a volunteer basis and all funds received go directly to medical care, medicines and supplies.  Funds are accounted for and e-mails are sent to those who provide their address showing how the funds were spent and updated periodically here on our website.

What our donors and volunteers have to say about Mali Medical Relief Fund:


“I have never been as gratified with my giving as with the Mali Medical Relief Fund, I am consistently amazed at how much impact even $50 can have”
Morgan -Missoula, MT

 The email updates we donors receive are exceptional; detailing expenditures right down to the child and procedure
Jennifer –Portland, OR

 The Mali Medical Relief Fund has made a huge impact on our surgery service.  We may not be changing the world, but we change the world for someone.
Zackari –Bamako, Mali

We knew our help would go directly to the families that needed it, no administrative costs, no billing, and no middlemen. Money goes towards directly saving lives!
Linda and Elise -Missoula, MT


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