Mali located in Western Africa
Mali located in Western Africa

Where is Mali?     Mali is located in the center of West Africa.  We work in Mali, a land locked country in West Africa.  Home of the famed Timbuktu, today Mali is one of the world’s most desperately poor countries.   Click on the map for more information on Mali its history and culture.

Who do we work with? We treat any and all patients identified at hospitals and villages throughout the country who have urgent medical needs and cannot otherwise afford treatment.

Who are we?  We are a small group of Malian doctors and American medical students and volunteers dedicated to improving the health of some of Mali’s poorest citizens.

How is Mali Medical Relief supported?  Mali Medical Relief has been supported by family and friends, people with ties to Mali, as well as medical volunteers in Mali. 

How can I help?  We have a number of ways to help.  You can make tax-deductible donations to Mali Medical Relief  a non-profit charity 501 c3.  You can donate on line by clicking here or send a check to :

     Mali Medical Relief Fund
     316 West Central
     Missoula, MT   59801

What does my donation buy? Your donation pays directly for medicines and medical care. Just $7-10 can treat an infants’ meningitis, $25 can pay for an adolescent’s pneumonia, $35 can provide for an echocardiogram. $150 pays for life saving emergency surgery.

Opportunities abroad? If you are planning travel to Mali, you can help by making a site visit with our Malian doctors on the ground.  Volunteer opportunities are also available.

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