Annual REport

WOW! Our biggest year ever! All of this incredible growth in the midst of a pandemic and coup d’etat. This deserves a special thanks to our creative and hardworking leadership of Mali–Dr. Diallo!

590 PATIENTS helped this year for a total budget of $37,349.77

Diolia site: 233 patient encounters for a total expense of $3,895.22

Bamako site: 357 patients $33,454.55

Covered hospital days: 3008!

Average age of patient: 6.7 yrs

155 patients were under age 5, including 27 newborns.

259 patients in medical and surgical services

98 patients  treated with our emergency pharmacy

56% (145 patients) General Pediatrics and Neonatology
8%  (21 patients) Pediatric oncology 
15% (38 patients) Pediatric Surgery
1% (3 patients) ENT
3% (7 patients) Trauma Surgery 

2% (6 patients) subspecialty services (neurosurgery, neurology, gastroenterology)

Hôpital du Mali (pediatrics) 14% soit (36 patients)
Hôpital du point G 1% (3 patients)

We also stocked the first full burn cart at the Children’s Hospital and covered the costs of PPE for the pediatric Oncology Unit.



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