Celebrating 10 years of Mali Medical Relief

Founded in 2008 with a simple email home, we have grown in size and impact 10 fold. From helping about 30 patients a year, we now help over 300!

Each and every day I am amazed what we are able to accomplish with so little in resources.  In the first 4 months of this year we have helped 71 patients receive emergent medical care at the national hospital. We are helping to save children’s lives everyday. Moreover, we help to save families from financial ruin by providing care at no cost to the patient.

Dr. Diallo and I attended a national conference this year to determine the next best steps for our growing organization. We hope to continue to expand our reach to help an increasing number of children.

Pictured above is Dr. Mark Travassos, Dr. Diallo, Dr. Barry, Dr. Sylla, and Trauma RN Mme Konate Maimouna Martine Kindo. Patient with mother (photo with permission)


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